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London Car Rental

The London Car Rental Guide

is a one stop car hire specialist for London. We display the rates from most leading London car rental agencies and let you choose your car and book in real-time. Decide yourself who to book with after comparing the rates and fleet options of the local car rentals.

The London Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in London to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in London.This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in London.

In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in London while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

How are rental prices calculated?
Please be advised as an online car rental broker our prices can changing constantly. Since we are working with different local companies, we can negotiate the prices better and do have most likely better rates than the local companies. However, our rental day is based on 24 hours. We do not rent cars per hour. If you wish to rent a car for a few hours only you have to pay a full rental day. For instance, if you decide to pick up the car at 10:00 am and drop it off the same day at 22:00 pm you will still be charged for 24 hours rental as we do not provide rates for half day.

Where I am supposed to pick up my rental car?
When you make a reservation on our website, you will have to choose the location where you wish to pick up your car. To find your location it is enough to type the three first letters of it. Then you will see all our offices available in the particular location. As soon as you choose the place of car pick up you can click at selected car picture in order to check the exact address of the local office. When your reservation is confirmed by the local agency we sent the rental confirmation voucher to your e-mail address. On the voucher, you will find all necessary information regarding your pick up a location. Like the exact address and telephone number. In case that you cannot find the local rental car office on arrival, please call the number provided on the voucher.

Is it possible to pick up my car late at night?
Some of the companies work after opening hours in order to provide you with the best service. Processing with your booking you will be asked to choose your pick-up time at the website. As long as you can see the green button BOOK NOW it means you are able to pick up your car at the indicated time. Please, be advised that some of the rental car agencies may apply an extra charge for out f hour service. You will find it in the terms and conditions. In order to check opening hours of selected rental car agency, you can click on the car picture. You will see easily the opening hours for the most agencies.

What is the fuel policy of the car rental company in London?
The fuel policy depends on the rental car supplier. They have it written clearly in the terms and conditions shown on our website. There is also a filter option to choose which fuel policy you prefer. The most common fuel policy is FULL TO FULL - you will receive the car with the fuel tank. To avoid fuel charges, you will need to return it with the same amount of fuel as it was given. The missing fuel will be charged on return REPURCHASE FUEL - the car will be supplied with a full tank for which you will be charged at the rental desk. You can use as much fuel as need. No refund will be given on unused fuel. Please, always check the fuel policy before you decide to rent the car.

Do I need a credit card in order to rent a car in London?
To be able to rent a car, you will need to have a valid credit card in the name of the main driver. Please be advised without a proper credit card in the name of the main driver you will be not able to rent a car. Prepaid credit cards, cash or debit cards will not be accepted. Also, you cannot use credit card form somebody else. If you arrive at the local office and you cannot present a credit card on your name, the local agent will refuse to give you the car. A proper credit card is a mandatory document for renting a car.

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Other car rental locations in London with daily rates

  • Euston Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Barking 18 GBP
  • London Battersea 19 GBP
  • London Bayswater 20 GBP
  • London Bow 45 GBP
  • London Caledonian Road 18 GBP
  • London Central Marble Arch 17 GBP
  • London City Airport 18 GBP
  • London Croydon 17 GBP
  • London Enfield 18 GBP
  • London Euston Railway Station 18 GBP
  • London Excel 51.16 GBP
  • London Finchley 17 GBP
  • London Gatwick Airport 8 GBP
  • London Hammersmith 51.16 GBP
  • London Heathrow Airport 9 GBP
  • London Hyde Park 51.16 GBP
  • London Ilford 21 GBP
  • London Islington 51.16 GBP
  • London Kennington 17 GBP
  • London Kensington 17 GBP
  • London Kings Cross 17 GBP
  • London Kingston upon Thames 18 GBP
  • London Lea Valley 51.16 GBP
  • London Lewisham 17 GBP
  • London Luton Airport 7 GBP
  • London Market Road 51.16 GBP
  • London Marylebone 51.16 GBP
  • London Mayfair 51.16 GBP
  • London North Cheam 18 GBP
  • London Notting Hill Gate 51.16 GBP
  • London Orpington 18 GBP
  • London OVAL 51.16 GBP
  • London Oxford Street 51.16 GBP
  • London Paddington 51.16 GBP
  • London Park Lane 51.16 GBP
  • London Park Royal 17 GBP
  • London Putney Bridge 19 GBP
  • London Richmond 17 GBP
  • London Russell Square 51.16 GBP
  • London Shepherd's Bush 51.16 GBP
  • London Sidcup 51.16 GBP
  • London Somers Town Downtown 51.16 GBP
  • London South 51.16 GBP
  • London Southampton Row 51.16 GBP
  • London Southgate 51.16 GBP
  • London St Katherines Way 51.16 GBP
  • London St Pancras Train Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Stansted Airport 12 GBP
  • London Stratford 51.16 GBP
  • London Streatham 17 GBP
  • London Sutton 51.16 GBP
  • London Tower Bridge 51.16 GBP
  • London Train Statin St. Johns Wood Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Train Station Paddington Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Train Station Romford Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Train Station Stratford Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Train Station West Wickham Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Victoria Coach And Railway Station 51.16 GBP
  • London Victoria Railway Station 17 GBP
  • London Walthamstow 45 GBP
  • London Wandsworth 51.16 GBP
  • London Waterloo 51.16 GBP
  • London Waterloo Railway Station 20 GBP
  • London Wembley 30 GBP
  • London West 51.16 GBP
  • London West Hampstead 51.16 GBP
  • London Woodford Green 18 GBP
  • London Yeading 51.16 GBP
  • Waterloo Station 51.16 GBP
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4.7 stars 4.7 stars 4.7 stars 4.7 stars 4.7 stars 

It was a great rental experience thanx! The guys at Dollar was exceptionally friendly and gave me a super nice car, really more than I expected! Please be so kind as to indicate on the confirmation letter where these various car rental companies stop with their Shuttles at LHR Airport Terminals. It’s always a mission to find the Numbers of the BusStops relating to the company. If it’s the HotelHoppa bus, please indicate accordingly as his bus takes longer and costs £5 (cash only!!)